Why We Exist: To Serve The Community

F&D Group own and manage multiple retail, hospitality and convenience based stores across South Australia. We utilise our combined 47 years of experience to provide all of our patrons with the most gratifying experience possible, through our innovative customer-centric business model.

Our business philosophy is a simple one: we aim to make a difference to the lives of people in our communities, by providing them with the most impressive customer experience available in the retail, hospitality and convenience industries. As a South Australian owned and operated company, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure our customers leave all of our outlets happier than when they arrived, whilst providing them with high-quality, affordable-products, and memorable experiences.

Our Directors



Vince boasts 25 years of experience in the retailing and convenience sectors, and is committed to providing all of his customers with a standard of service that is guaranteed to make them smile. He specialises in full office management, strategic planning, team training, fuel management, hospitality management, and business modelling, and loves seeing F&D Group’s dreams come to life, whilst maintaining their customer-centric approach.



Aaron strives to create environments and experiences for entire communities to enjoy, and with his passion for devising and implementing successful business models, he knows exactly how to accomplish it. Armed with 22 years of experience, Aaron is proficient in all key areas of business operations, including retailing, stock control and ordering, team management, food menu creation and execution, daily work operations, sales growth, and managing fast-paced workplaces.

Our Process

1. Face-to-face Meeting

We take this opportunity to talk strategy with the prospective business partner to determine if we can form a valuable relationship.

2. Performing Our Due Diligence

We are very thorough with our analysis of the opportunity presented, conceptualising the relationship’s mutually beneficial potential.

3. Economic Study To Determine Project Feasibility

Comparing our resources with that of the prospective business partner's gives us a holistic understanding of the project’s feasibility and future growth opportunities.

4. Develop A Plan Of Attack

Developing & implementing a winning strategy in the projects’ infancy allows us to map out exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure the business partnerships’ success.

5. Executing The Strategy

With the strategy defined, we begin actioning on it, using all of the resources available to us. Furthermore, if other opportunities arise within the partnership, our strategies have contingencies in place to take them on.

Do you have an opportunity you’d like to discuss?